aisleriot 3.22.9 A collection of patience games written in guile scheme
amtk 5.0.1 Actions, Menus and Toolbars Kit for GTK+ applications
anjuta 3.34.0 GNOME Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
aravis 0.6.4 A Genicam compliant vision library with a GStreamer source plugin
at-spi2-atk 2.34.1 A library that bridges ATK to At-Spi2 D-Bus service
at-spi2-core 2.34.0 Protocol definitions and daemon for D-Bus at-spi
atk 2.34.1 A library providing a set of interfaces for accessibility
atkmm 2.28.0 C++ bindings for ATK
atomix 3.34.0 A puzzle game in which full molecules have to be built
baobab 3.34.0 A graphical directory tree analyzer
cheese 3.34.0 Use your webcam to take photos and videos, apply fancy special effects and share the fun with others
clutter-gst-3.0 3.0.27 GStreamer bindings for Clutter (3.x series)
colord-gtk 0.2.0 GTK+ integration for Colord
dconf 0.34.0 A low level configuration system
dconf-editor 3.34.2 An editor for DConf settings
devhelp 3.34.0 API documentation browser for GNOME
eog 3.34.0 Eye of Gnome: An image viewing and cataloging program
eog-plugins 3.26.4 Plugins for Eye of GNOME
epiphany 3.34.1 A GNOME web browser based on the WebKit rendering engine
evince 3.34.1 Document viewer for GNOME
file-roller 3.32.2 Archive manager for GNOME
five-or-more 3.32.0 Remove colored balls from the board by forming lines
four-in-a-row 3.34.1 Make lines of the same color to win
gdl 3.34.0 GNOME Docking Library
geary 2:3.34.1 A lightweight email client for the GNOME desktop
gedit 3.34.0 Text editor for GNOME
gedit-plugins 3.34.0 A text editor for GNOME - plugins
gitg 3.32.1 Git repository viewer for GNOME
gjs 1.58.1 JavaScript bindings for GNOME
glib 2.62.1 Common C routines used by GTK+ and other libs
glib-networking 2.62.1 Network extensions for GLib
glibmm 2.62.0 C++ interface for GLib
gnome-2048 3.34.2 A 2048 number combining game for GNOME
gnome-desktop 3.34.1 Library with common API for various GNOME modules
gobject-introspection 1.62.0 Introspection system for GObject-based libraries
gsettings-desktop-schemas 3.34.0 Shared GSettings schemas for the desktop
gtk-doc 1.32 API documentation generation tool for GTK+ and GNOME
gtksourceview-4 4.4.0 A text widget adding syntax highlighting and more to GNOME
libdazzle 3.34.1 A companion library to GObject and Gtk+
librsvg 2.46.1 SVG rendering and manipulation library
pygobject-3 3.34.0 Python bindings for GObject
vala 0.46.3 Compiler for the Gobject type system
vte-gtk3 0.58.2 VTE widget for use with GTK+3

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