aosc-os-arm64-sunxi-boot 20170704 Kernel and U-Boot for 64-bit sunxi platform
linux+kernel+sunxi64 32.2 The Linux Kernel optimized for Allwinner/sunXi SoCs with 64-bit ARMv8 cores
u-boot-sun50i-a64-bananapi-m64 2:2018.09 U-Boot for Banana Pi M64
u-boot-sun50i-a64-pine64-plus 2:2018.09 U-Boot for Pine A64+
u-boot-sun50i-a64-pinebook 2:2018.11rc3.pb20181109-1 U-Boot for Pinebook
u-boot-sun50i-a64-pinetab 2019.04 U-Boot for PineTab (currently a hack)
u-boot-sun50i-a64-sopine-baseboard 2:2018.09-1 U-Boot for SoPine with Model A Baseboard
u-boot-sun50i-a64-teres-i 2:2018.11rc3.pb20181109 U-Boot for Olimex TERES I
u-boot-sun50i-h5-libretech-all-h3-cc 2:2018.09 U-Boot for LibreComputer ALL-H3-CC H5 ver.
u-boot-sun50i-h5-nanopi-neo2 2:2018.09 U-Boot for Nano Pi NEO2
u-boot-sun50i-h5-orangepi-pc2 2:2018.09 U-Boot for Orange Pi PC2
u-boot-sun50i-h5-orangepi-prime 2:2018.09 U-Boot for Orange Pi Prime
u-boot-sun50i-h6-pine-h64 2:2018.09-3 U-Boot for Pine H64

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