cairo 1.15.14-1 A 2D graphics library with support for multiple output devices
cogl 1.22.2-2 An object oriented GL/GLES Abstraction/Utility Layer
firefox 62.0.3-2 Standalone Web browser from Mozilla
freetype 2.9 A free and portable font rendering engine
gdk-pixbuf 2.38.0 A toolkit for image loading and pixel buffer manipulation
gtk-3 3.24.1 GIMP toolkit version 3
gtk-doc 1.29 API documentation generation tool for GTK+ and GNOME
julia 1.0.1 High-level, high-performance, dynamic programming language
librsvg 2.42.7-1 SVG rendering and manipulation library
libspectre 0.2.8 Library for rendering PostScript documents
llvm 7.0.0-1 Low Level Virtual Machine Infrastructure
llvm-runtime 7.0.0-1 Low Level Virtual Machine Infrastructure (runtime libraries)
mesa 1:18.2.2 MesaLib - a OpenGL implementation
openal-soft 1.19.0-1 A cross platform 3D audio library
pixman 0.34.0-2 Pixel manipulation library for X and Cairo
poppler 0.66.0-1 A PDF rendering library and command line tools used to manipulate PDF files
sdl 1.2.15-6 Simple Directmedia Layer

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