a2jmidid 8 A daemon to expose legacy ALSA sequencer applications in JACK MIDI system
a52dec 0.7.4-2 A free library for decoding ATSC A/52 streams
aalib 1.4rc5-2 ASCII Art Library
aaphoto 0.45-1 Auto Adjust Photo
acpi-call 1.1.0-2 A kernel module enabling call to ACPI methods
aesfix 1.0.1-1 Tool for correcting bit errors in an AES key schedule
afpfs-ng 0.8.1-2 A client for the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP)
akonadi 18.12.3-1 PIM layer for Qt5/KF5
akonadi-import-wizard 18.12.3-1 Import data from other mail clients to KMail
alpine 2.21-2 Apache licensed PINE mail user agent
alsa-lib 1.1.8 The ALSA interface library
apr-util 1.6.1-2 The Apache Portable Runtime utilities
argtable2 2.13 ANSI C library for parsing GNU style command line options with a minimum of fuss
aria2 1.34.0-2 Download utility that supports HTTP(S), FTP, BitTorrent, and Metalink
ariamaestosa 1.4.13-1 Midi sequencer/editor with a user-friendly interface
arptables 0.0.4-1 ARP filtering/firewall configurator
artikulate 18.12.3-1 KDE pronunciation trainer
arts 14.0.6 ARTS (analog realtime synthesizer) - the TDE sound system
asunder 2.9.3 A graphical CD ripper and encoder
atomicparsley 0.9.6-1 A command line program for reading, parsing and setting iTunes-style metadata in MPEG4 files
augeas 1.11.0-1 Augeas configuration editing library and API
avidemux 2.7.1-3 A simple free video editor
azpainter 2.1.3 A simpler alternative to Sai
bc 1.07.1 A command line calculator
bluez 5.50 The Bluetooth protocol stack for Linux
bogofilter 1.2.4-4 A fast Bayesian spam filtering tool
brltty 5.6-2 Braille display driver for Linux/Unix
broadcom-wl Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driver
bspwm 0.9.5 Tiling window manager based on binary space partitioning
bzip2 1.0.6-6 A freely available, patent free, high-quality data compressor
caja 1:1.20.3-1 MATE desktop and file manager
camlp5 707 Preprocessor/Pretty Printer for OCaml
catdoc 0.95 A converter for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and RTF Files to text
cbm 0.2-1 Display the current network traffic in colors
cd-discid 1.4-2 A backend utility to get CDDB discid information from a Music CD
cddb 1.4-1 CDDB-Server access from Python
cddlib 1:0.94j Library for finding vertices of convex polytopes
cdrkit 1:1.1.11-1 Portable utilities for CDs
celt 0.11.3-3 Low-latency audio communication codec
cg 3.1.0013 NVIDIA Cg libraries
cheese 3.30.0 Use your webcam to take photos and videos, apply fancy special effects and share the fun with others
chromaprint 1.4.3-2 Library that implements a custom algorithm for extracting fingerprints from any audio source
cinnamon-session 4.0.0 Cinnamon session handler
clblas 2.12-1 The OpenCL BLAS portion of clMath.
clblast 1.5.0-1 The tuned OpenCL BLAS library.
clutter-gst-3.0 3.0.26 GStreamer bindings for Clutter (3.x series)
cmark 0.28.3 CommonMark parsing and rendering library and program in C
cmst 2019.01.13-2 Qt GUI for Connman with system tray icon
coreutils 8.31 Basic and important programs for a basic GNU userland
corkscrew 2.0-1 A tool for tunneling SSH through HTTP proxies
cquery 20180718-1 a highly-scalable, low-latency language server for C/C++/Objective-C
cracklib 2.9.7 A library used to enforce strong passwords
crazydiskinfo 1.0.2-2 An interactive TUI S.M.A.R.T viewer for Unix systems
cryptography 2.5-2 Exposes cryptographic recipes and primitives to Python developers
cups-pk-helper 0.2.6 A helper that makes system-config-printer use PolicyKit
curlftpfs 0.9.2-2 A filesystem for accessing FTP hosts based on FUSE and LibcURL
cvxopt 1.2.3-2 A free software package for convex optimization written in Python
cwidget 0.5.17-2 High-level terminal interface library for C++
cyrus-sasl 2.1.27-1 A Simple Authentication and Security Layer, a method for adding authentication support to connection-based protocols
czmq 4.2.0 High-level C binding for ZeroMQ

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